Just Start

After joining Twitter in 2012, it didn’t take long to value what educators were sharing in this microblogging format. Many of the educators I follow share great ideas and experiences through blogs. Reading these blogs have both inspired and challenged my thinking. I am grateful for those who have put time and energy into them. In a recent ISTE winter 2017 book study from the Ed Tech Coaches Network participants were asked to share their blog or website. I had no blog to share. From reviewing what was submitted it was clear I was missing something key to my effectiveness as an educator.

The thought of starting a blog has been swirling around in my head for quite some time. I should have started a long time ago. Who has the time? Do I really have something to add that hasn’t already been said? Who will actually read this? What if something I write is viewed negatively? Am I ready to commit to this? These among other thoughts have held me back but something has brought me here. Today, I start.

I’ve written a few guest blog posts in the past here, here, and here. I very much appreciated being asked to share my voice as a guest but know that if I am going to ask students to publish their work regularly, then it is imperative that I model this myself. Someone once said to get the most out of Twitter one should give, give, and give some more. This blog can be the start of more giving and sharing.

At this time I do not have a set vision for this space. I hope that it takes shape and evolves into what it needs to be. It will likely serve as a transparent journal. I think it can serve as a space to share ideas, resources, and experiences. This blog may very well attract an audience of none but I know what matters most is an audience of one. If an idea or experience shared here helps just one person, it will be worth it. If it helps just me, it will be worth it. I truly believe that just starting will be worth it.

Tom Whitby, an educator and co-author of The Relevant Educator whom I respect greatly recently wrote questioning the purpose of blogs. George Couros, educator and author of The Innovator’s Mindset recently wrote Why Aren’t You Blogging More? Matt Miller, educator and author of DITCH That Textbook wrote why every teacher should blog. These are three educators who I have learned so much from. Hearing what they have to say, it seems as though by not blogging I would be missing out on a great opportunity to wonder, explore, question, create, share and connect.

I don’t expect this to be easy. I expect it to be worth it. Here’s to writing to reflect, learn, and grow as an educator. My one word for 2017 is discover.

Here’s to opportunity. Here’s to discovering. Here’s to not holding back and maintaining a mindset that always says just start.