Month: May 2021

Well, How About That?!

One of the challenging things that comes with being an educator, regardless of your role, is that you truly never know just how much of an impact you make. I think it is important to celebrate the wins, big or small, because through the years they add up. So often we get caught up in the daily grind, checking things off the to-do list and get distracted from the big picture. The why. It’s there, but it’s often hanging in the background. Sometimes it needs to be brought back front and center. While everyone’s why is different, most likely if you are in the education profession, your why involves some aspect of making a positive impact on others.

Recently a notification that came through my Twitter account that made me say “Well, how about that?!” I feel that this deserved more than that reaction alone. A post that allows me to reflect on this seemed more fitting. Below is the message:

When I started as a Teacher on Special Assignment as a District Technology Integrator back in 2014, I had to work to carve a path of how I hoped technology would be used in meaningful ways. The ISTE Student Standards really helped guide me in this learning. Putting these into practice and making them visible to educators I support and students in our school community helps me acheive my why. Looking at a recent ISTE poster, this experience hit on so many of these, for both sides of this virtual connection.

It turns out that this Skype connection back in 2017 was one of my first virtual connections with an expert in the field. Touring the Canadian Museum for Human Rights with a classroom full of students and getting to hear stories, ask questions, reflect and connect this back to what students were learning about in the classroom was incredibly moving and powerful. This created a ripple effect of good in that it made us want to connect with more people and engage in more virtual field trips. Since then, there have been too many to count. In all of these experiences, we really don’t know the impact that they had on students or on the hosts. The same can be true for any virtual exchange. Even a simple Mystery Skype between two classrooms. What I do know is that these connections matter. Learning with and from one another is a gift. Technology that makes this possible is also a gift. This is all part of my why and I am grateful that Graham from CMHR helped bring that back front and center for me. I had no idea that this was also a new experience for them as well until just the other day.

I guess this is why this simple tweet not only made me say “Well how about that?!” but also gives me the energy, especially coming out of a global pandemic where many of these experiences took a backseat, to push on and use tech for good, to make meaningful connections and to create experiences where the learning experience is powerful for everyone involved. Becuase at the end of the day, at the end of the school year, and even years later, you just never know the ripple effect of good that can come from trying something new. Here’s to trying new things with no expectations other than to just use technology in a meaningul way and put some good back into the world!

Lastly, is anyone else blown away by this portion of CMHR’s website?

Coming off of a spectacular Student Voice Day with the topic of “I stand for…” there are some wonderful resources here. Check out their teacher guide too.

International #StudentVoiceDay 2021

Join us on May 20th for #StudentVoiceDay 2021, a celebration of learners and voices around the world!

It’s back! Student Voice Day 2018, 2019, and 2020 were all special and this year aims to be no different. This idea was first inspired by Our Global Classroom educators across several continents who wanted to find a single day to celebrate student voice. Our students share their voices daily and in so many ways. This special day allows us to share a prompt that often connects back to the United Nations Global Goals and gets students to come together and share their voice with the world in creative ways. What started on Flipgrid back in 2018 has now expanded to many other platforms. Here is how your class can participate once again, on May 20, 2021 or on any day, because we know EVERY DAY is Student Voice Day.

But first, let’s explore the phrase “stand for.”

Flipgrid Discovery Library
Head on over to the Flipgrid Discovery Library and add the Student Voice Day topic to your groups for some powerful discussion and sharing. The Topic can also be viewed here directly:!

Bonus: Add the hashtag #FlipgridForAll to any posts you share.

Wakelet Collections
Create your own Student Voice Day Wakelet collection by adding items that represent what you stand for.

You can also contribute to the main Wakelet collection for the day here: Add a statement, a link, a tweet, a video message or any media that helps inspire.

Bonus: Add the hashtag #WakeletWave to any posts you share.

Buncee Creation
One great way to amplify student voice is through creativity. Write, record, or animate your Buncee message capturing one thing that you stand for. Search ‘student voice’ or ‘voice’ when adding items to uncover some awesome messages and stickers made for Student Voice Day by the Buncee Team.

Get started with this copyable Buncee. Add your own pages and delete any unused ones. Be creative!

When finished, add your Buncee to this Buncee Board:

Bonus: Add the hashtag #BunceeVoice to any posts you share.

Seesaw Activity
Does your class use Seesaw? There is a Student Voice Day activity ready for your use. All of the awesome of Buncee graphics with the features of Seesaw ready for you. Add some audio or video to any of the Seesaw pages to make this your own. Share your entry with your class, teacher, and family!

Bonus: Add the hashtag #SeesawChat to any posts you share.

Belouga Playlist
Learn about the world with the world. Belouga playlists are a great way to take deep dives on topics that interst you. Their Student Voice Playlist has been updated with over 16 hours of content across more than 25 episodes. The series here will inspire student voice and also inspire students to make positive change in their world as well as share their voice with the world.

Adobe Spark Template
Does your school use Adobe Spark? You can use any of the remixable Student Voice Day templates below to share somethig you stand for in a creative way. We kept it simple with Adobe Spark Post but feel free to give Adobe Spark Video a try. Find some templates in the Spark Library today:

Bonus: Add the hashtag #AdobeEduCreative to any posts you share.

GoBubble Groups
Is your school a GoBubble School? It’s a great way to amplify student voice in a safe space while modeling authentic digital citizenship. There is a Student Voice Day group ready and waiting for students to share their “I stand for…” statements. Add an image with fun GoBubble stickers, a video, or a link to the group and dish out some likes to students who are using their voice for good!

Bonus: Add the hashtag #HappyBubbling to any posts you share.

Sutori Story
Sutori is a wonderful way to create a visually stunning timeline. Make a copy of the Student Voice Day Sutori Story and customize it to make it your own. You can add a number of media types to make this story interactive. Don’t forget to add your Student Voice Day Sutori story to the Student Voice Day Wakelet collection!–QaH55ig6GgPQwpyNMsnJAyMG

Elementari is a great way to creatively express ideas and share them with others. The first message you get upon visiting the site is ‘Write and Code Interactive Books for Free.” What if your digital book was written around the Student Voice Day prompt of “I stand for…”? Elementari is great for students of all ages and no coding experience is necessary as the built-in tutorials make it easy to get started and find success. In addition to bringing in node-based (visual) programming, there is a collection of media assests to use in creation including art from various independent artists. This is one of our go-to platforms because of it’s ability to hit on many of the ISTE Student Standards. Give it a try today at and inspire a joy of writing, creating, coding and publishing on Student Voice Day.

Here is a template to remix with Elementari:

The Global Write
The Global Write is an initiative championed by educator Bronwyn Joyce. Get inspired at:

Bonus: Add the hashtag #TheGlobalWrite to any posts you share.

We hope everyone has a spectacular #StudentVoiceDay.