Presentations & More


NYSCATE 2018, 4-Hr Hands-On Workshop, Digitize Your Diorama, 11/2018

DigCitSummit Toronto, 1-Hr Hands-On Workshop, Good Grief – Digital Citizenship Through Game Based Learning, 10/2018

Global Maker Day 2018, On-Site Host, Organizing Team Member

SLAWNY Fall Sharing, Speed Session, 10/2018

#ARVRinEDU LIVE, Panelist, Collaboration Between Educators and Developers, 9/2018

Flipgrid LIVE, Mic Drop Session, 8/2018

EdChange Global 2018, #cncting4kids Goes Global, 7/2018

Digital Learning Evolves to Meet the Future of Work, EdWeek Webinar, 5/2018

Canada Connect 2018 Ignite Speaker, 4/2018

Canada Connect 2018 Presenter, Digitize Your Diorama, 4/2018

EdCamp Rochester, Facilitator, AR & VR in Education, 4/2018

TIF Talks 2018 Speaker, Learn Like Gord, 3/2018

#passthescopeedu, March Madness, 3/2018

Edu Match Live Tweet & Talk Special Guest, 3/2018

Edu Match Live Panelist: The Empathy Gap, 3/2018

Edu Match Live Panelist: Educator Joy & Well Being, 3/2018

Coffee with a Geek, 12/2017

#passthescopeedu, Edu Wonderland, 12/2017

NYSCATE Annual Conference 2017, Fab 5, 11/2017

Global Maker Day Presenter, Learning in 3D, 10/2017

Hoonuit LIVE, Student Voice, Panelist, 9/2017

Lake Shore Middle School Breakfast of Champions Keynote – Creativity is the New Currency (Exploring Makey Makey), 5/2017

NY Library Association SSL 2017 Conference, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – Bring the World Into Your Library with Technology, 5/2017

EdChange Global Classrooms (24 Hr. Virtual EdCamp) – Create. Connect. Change., 2/2017

Technology Integrators’ Forum (South) – Flipgrid, 2/2017

NYSCATE Annual Conference 2016, Oh, The Places You’ll Go (With Tech)!, 11/2016

Technology Integrators’ Forum (South) – Seesaw Digital Portfolios, 12/2016

Technology Integrators’ Forum (South) – Buncee Edu, 10/2016

Lake Shore Middle School Breakfast of Champions Keynote – Finding Success Through Failure, 6/2016

TIF (North) STEAMfest 2016, Erie 1 BOCES – Coding with Mini-Drones, 5/2016

Minecraft Edu Collegial Circle, Monroe BOCES, 3/2016

NYSCATE Annual Conference 2015, Magical Materials to Motivate Middle Schoolers, 11/2015

Erie 2 BOCES Tech Consortium – STEM & Digital Citizenship in the Classroom, 6/2015

TIFcon15 Ed Camp, Erie 1 BOCES – Future Goals Ignition & STEM Hockey Scholar, 5/2015

Technology Integrators’ Forum (South), Erie 2 BOCES, Engaging Students through CueThink & Hstry, 3/2015

Staff Professional Development Led

Endless Possibilities with Buncee, 5/2018

Book Tasting Edu, 4/2017

Create Your Own 360 Experience, 11/2017

Tools for Creativity & Student Voice, 11/2017

Minecraft EDU, 11/2017

Become a Google Certified/Microsoft Innovative Educator, 11/2017

The Hype About HyperDocs, 5/2017

Virtual Field Trips: Bring the World Into Your Classroom, 4/2017

Multimedia Projects with Adobe Spark, 4/2017

Mystery Skype in the Classroom, 3/2017

Infographic Showcase, 1/2017

Twitter for Teachers – The Power of a Global PLN, 1/2017

Coffee Edu – Google Education Forum, 12/2016

The Hour of Code & Beyond, 12/2016

Take the EW out of Review with Digital Assessment Tools, 11/2016

Let’s Play Breakout Edu, 10/2016

Improving Literacy with Read & Write for Google Chrome, 9/2016

Student Driven Digital Portfolios with Seesaw, 9/2016

Amazing Student Projects with Adobe Voice & Slate, 4/2016

Computer Tips & Tricks for the Busy Teacher, 3/2016

Learn Like A Pirate – Empower Your Students to Collaborate, Lead & Succeed, 2/2016, 3/2017

Mastering Digital Assessment with eDoctrina, 2/2016

Discover the Best of Discovery Education, 1/2016

Become a Google Apps for Education All-Star, 1/2016 & 2/2016

Coding in the Classroom – Empower Students to Think and Create, 12/2015

Premier Literacy for Students with Learning Disabilities, 11/2015

Flipped Learning, 11/2015

PowerTeacher Enhancements and Gradebook Reports, 10/2015

What Connected Educators Do Differently, 10/2015

Interactive Assessment, 9/2015

Create and Collaborate with Google Apps for Education (6-12), 9/2015

Create and Collaborate with Google Apps for Education (K-5), 9/2015

Using Google Forms for Assessment, 2/2015

Augmented Reality (AR) in the Classroom, 1/2015

Interactive Quizzes Using Kahoot!, 12/2014

The Hour of Code, 12/2014

The Connected Educator – Building a PLN, 10/2014

How We Flipped Our Class, 11/2013